Building A Strategic Marketing Plan


Velocity Agency has a creative, intuitive, and skilled design team that understands how to connect your brand with your audience and potential customers. Design has become ingrained in our culture and in the digital age, visual storytelling is now more prominent than ever. Our design team follows the strategic principles that the best content designers follow to ensure a comfortable yet engaging experience for the intended audience while being versatile enough to design across many different mediums.


Brochures help capture the attention of potential customers by being cost effective and pocket-friendly. These booklets focus entirely on the business and its offerings, getting the undivided attention of all potential customers that browse through them. Effective marketing campaigns are all about customer interactions and relationships, and brochures are another way to interact with interested customers and generate leads for the sales team to follow up on.

Brochure examples
Outdoor Billboards
On average, people spend about 20 hours per week traveling and cover more than 200 miles per week. This means that there is ample time for all of your customers to be exposed to all sorts of billboard and sign advertising. 72% of billboard viewers frequently shop on their way home from work and are making their shopping decisions while they are in the car. Velocity Agency has an experienced team that can put your brand in the spotlight through premier outdoor advertising.
Digital Signage

Strategy is what makes digital signage displays work and fulfill real company aims. When you create great digital screens, people take notice. Eight out of ten customers have entered a store because of a digital sign catching their attention. When working to fulfill your digital signage needs, Velocity Agency will create new content, design playlists, schedules, create anticipation, engage your audience, call for feedback, track metrics and review and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Digital Signage
Merchandising on a cup
Your merchandise is the bread and butter of your business operation. Without anything to sell, you won’t be much of a business at all - especially if the product is underwhelming. A good business differentiates itself through well designed, high quality, merchandise that provides value to the targeted consumer. If have an idea for a business but need help designing the merchandise call Velocity today. Our expert design team has the years of experience necessary to design top quality merchandise that innovates and excites.
Video Brochure

Much like a print brochure, video brochures create a memorable impression of your promotion and brand. Video brochures can be handed to targeted recipients, sent by mail, displayed at trade shows, shared in meetings, and left with representatives to give to decision makers who may be interested in your service or product. They are packaged like traditional brochures with space for logos, QR codes, images and branding with extra room for printed testimonials, awards and advertising content. When they are opened, they come to life in a way that is impressive and captivating to the viewer. Call Velocity today to ask for a demo!

video brochure
Direct Mailing
Direct Mail

Direct Mail marketing still leads most marketing strategies in ROI (return on investment), but traditional direct mail marketing has changed dramatically. Instead of sending to everyone, companies are currently hyper-targeting their audience and making sure that their content is being delivered to the right audience. Velocity Agency will use our advanced analytics capabilities to identify your potential clients and make sure that your content will be delivered to them with a strong call-to-action so that your brand can’t be ignored.


While there are a plethora of ways to promote your event, services, fundraiser or brand, flyers can help promote your special event and generate awareness in a way that other mediums can’t. Customers like to have something that they can put their hands on, and it’s very rare to come across a high quality, printed flyer. Flyers also add a personal touch to your message and physically handing your potential customer a flyer will immediately create a personal relationship with them. By strategically planning flyer handouts in locations your customers are likely to frequent, Velocity has added a level of strategic depth and value to flyer marketing.


Using posters to promote your products or services is an effective way to bring in more business because of the flexibility inherent in poster design, the ease of distribution, and the high-volume visibility of posters. Velocity Agency has a skilled team of creative graphic designers that will ensure that your poster is the best representation of your brand and its value proposition. Velocity’s analytics department will work diligently to make sure the placement of your poster is strategically adjusted to help it reach the most eyes possible.

Business Cards

Your first impression is important, and creative and unique business cards are a fantastic way to leave a memorable impression. A good business card is a road map to opportunity and could lead you to a great new job, business partnership, or simply help your business make money. Let the experts at Velocity design you a business card that stands out from the rest and gets you noticed!

Business Cards
Custom Stationary

Even in today’s digital world, physical marketing remains as important to business success as ever. Business stationery marketing materials are a solid foundation on which to build your brand. Stationary is a great first impression because it shows your audience that your brand is one of quality and authority. Among a sea of competitors, it is quality and individuality that will help your business to shine through.