You’ve secured your spot at the upcoming trade show – the one everyone in your industry attends. There’s a 10×10 trade show booth with your name on it. But how do you make those potential clients stop and notice you? Forget the generic table skirt and boring curtain background. Why spend money on a spot if you’re not going to stand out? Velocity knows that people aren’t drawn to a dull booth that looks the same as all the others. By infusing your booth with your brand and implementing interactive activities into your trade show booth, you’ll turn your display into a beacon that draws crowds.

Along with your booth attracting the right consumer attention, making it a fun and memorable experience for the public will give them a reason to stay.

An easy way to get interactive at your trade show booth is to demo your products or business abilities. If you are a house contractor, we can create an interactive project that allows people to build their dream home right there at your booth and spits out a rough estimate on what it would cost for you to construct the home. If you sell massage chairs, set them up and let people give them a try. You could end up with a long line outside your booth. The line will attract more people on its own because they will want to know what’s happening. If demonstrating your products would take too long to do throughout the day, you can schedule specific demo times (this works well for things like cooking demos). This could gather an entire crowd to your booth several times a day.

Interacting with your prospective buyers will allow them to get a better understanding of your business or product and enable them to get real-time answers to questions that they may have. Velocity has experience coming up with innovative ways to make your expo booths more engaging, from adding interactive screens to implementing intriguing tasks and activities. In concurrence with our sister company, Event Design Build, Velocity Agency has created some of the most cutting-edge interactive expo booths.

TBS all access interactive booth