Design can communicate more than many may imagine.


High quality design is one of the most integral aspects of any successful marketing campaign. Will anyone pay attention to your logo, advertisements or products if they are not visually appealing? The answer is obvious; so why trust anything less than an award winning agency to handle your design needs? Velocity Agency is an internationally recognized agency with numerous awards to show for our detail oriented design work. Velocity’s design capabilities include graphic and logo design along with illustration, typography and digital photo processing.

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Graphic Design
The design team at Velocity Agency has decades of experience generating award winning graphic designs. Regardless of the medium, be it digital or print, our designers know how to make their designs stand out from the crowd. If you need custom graphic design work that captures the hearts and minds of those viewing it, call Velocity Agency today to see how our designers can propel your brand to new heights with their expertise.
Logo Development

Logo design is an often undervalued aspect of a business’ branding strategy. As the first point of contact between your customers and your business, it is critical that your logo makes an impression on those who have never seen it before while simultaneously remaining easily recognizable. Velocity’s designers have collectively spent decades generating eye catching and memorable logos for a wide range of clients in a diverse array of industries. If your logo needs an update to draw the attention of new customers, contact the logo design experts at Velocity Agency.

Logo Development
Velocity’s design capabilities extend beyond logo design and graphic design. Many of our projects require our designers to generate custom illustrations that capture the eyes and attention of millions of potential customers. Armed with advanced degrees, certifications and years of experience, you can be confident that the design team at Velocity Agency will go above and beyond the call of duty to develop beautiful custom illustrations for your business.

An often overlooked aspect of a branding strategy, typography can make an incredible difference in customers perceptions of a business or brand. When effectively used, typography can differentiate a website, ad set, or product from the crowd by effectively communicating a unique style to the reader. Perhaps you need custom invitations designed for a gala event - a perfect opportunity to use custom typography to showcase the eloquence of your event with cursive style text. Perhaps you want a new website designed for your law firm and need a sans-serif typeset that communicates your seriousness.

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