Sportsbook at Timeout Lounge logo

Sportsbooks are one of the most popular attractions for casinos nationwide. Recently, Velocity was tasked with creating a marketing campaign to launch a Sportsbook for one of our Native American casino clients. Being the first Native American Sportsbook in the nation, we accepted the challenge and have helped pave the way for other casinos to roll out their Sportsbook. Utilizing various market research techniques, analytics, and strategic creative, Velocity Agency was able to launch a successful Sportsbook, which went from an ambition to a successful endeavor.

diving football catch

Velocity Agency was able to remove the stigma from sports betting and make it a comfortable betting option. We were also able to design an environment that encourages a fun atmosphere, taking individuals from "fan mode" to "sports mode". Our tagline “More than just a fan" encourages a mindset that a goal, a touchdown, or a home run makes the players winners, not just the sports teams.